Practical information

Here you will find here all practical information about our apartment in Juan Les Pins.


Arrival at the apartment:

You will find information about your local contact person in your rental contract. The named person will meet you in the apartment on your arrival day. If you have any questions before your stay, you are welcome to contact the indicated person by email or by phone.
Once you are in the apartment we will give you all the practical information about the apartment. If you have rented a garage, we will show you where it is located.

Keys (1 pinch) handed over to you against payment of the deposit of 250€.

During your stay, in case of any problems, you will contact the same person who has received you at the apartment.

After your stay, the deposit will be returned to you after an inspection of the apartment and return of the keys.


There is Wifi in the apartment.
Wifi: Oas-Provence
Password: Will be found in a binder in the top right box in the living room. Look up “Koder”.


To access the pool area you need to have special plastic bracelets on you. These are necessary to prevent unauthorized persons to access to the pool area. The bracelets are located in the top shelf in the living room.


The dust bin is in the garage. Go down the stairs to the left of the entrance. (The tag opens the lock). To the right of the door there is a garbage room.

Hot water:

The apartment has its own water heater, it goes on timer. If hot waters level is low, turn on the “manual” button in the sheet metal cabinet in the hallway. The water heater will be making a bit of noise.

On departure day:

Put the dirty towels and sheets on the floor in the living room and wash your dishes. The final cleaning of your apartment is included in the rental price.

Info about the equipment in the apartment


The door of the apartment is as a “hotel door”, i.e. it is not possible to open the door from outside without a key.
Always take your key with you leaving the apartment!

TV and Radio:

There is a TV and Radio in the apartment.

  • Radio
    Radio Riviera broadcasts on 106.50, and is an English spoken radio station with news and the weather forecast. Unfortunately the reception is sometimes poor in the apartment.
  • TV
    French channels


Kitchen equipment is sized for 4 people, but there are some extra things.

Living Room:

The sofa in the living room is a bed sofa.


Bed linens and towels are provided in the closet in the bedroom.